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Our Society is measured by credit reports.  How you pay your bills is extremely important to all banks, landlords, utilities, services, and even insurance companies.

Because this industry is so large, and touches so many parts of our lives, it is common for negative information on a credit report to critically damage your credit worthiness and put you in an unfair negotiating position when looking for credit.  This negative information, accurate or not, causes the amounts you are forced to pay for credit card interest, mortgages, leases, auto loans, insurance and everything around you to be much higher than your good credit neighbors pay for the same products or services.

Our DeletionExpert.com brand features a well-developed and refined process using two distinct methods, depending on your needs.

The first method is what we call “Manual Credit Repair”, or “MCR” – This method was created for those who have negative items that need to be deleted from a credit report.  This is a proprietary strategy that we have developed which involves writing Custom-Made, Unique, Hand-Written Letters. Because the Letters are written by hand, with a variety of different hand writing styles, and particularly hand-writing that is hard for Credit Bureau Computers to “read”, these Letters end up in the “Manual Review” stack, where a Real Human Being is assigned to read each Letter and determine what action to take. When this happens, the chances of getting a Negative Item removed is increased dramatically.

The second Method is what we call a “Credit Sweep”. This method is designed for people who have been a victim of identity theft in one way or another, and it works by harnessing the power of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (the FCRA), which requires Credit Bureaus to remove all Accounts resulting from Identity Theft from your Credit Report. A Credit Sweep is the process by which we use these sections of the FCRA to force Credit Bureaus to remove Negative Accounts from your Credit Report. We do this by using a proprietary method we’ve developed to facilitate and speed-up this process.

Our Deletion Expert systems are only one of there solutions which tackle credit issues for our clients.  If a client has been shopping around for loans and makes applications, looking for the best rate and amounts, acquiring more than six inquiries in a six-month period penalizes you rather than reveals good shopping sense.  Our Sister Company InquiryBusters.com evens the playing field so you can look at more options.

Once we remove the negative items from your credit report, for those with a high debt to credit ratio, which also negatively impacts credit scores, our sister company TopTradelines.com  can add seasoned authorized user trade lines with perfect payment histories, high credit limits, and old open dates to dramatically boost your credit scores and increase the age and strength of a credit history.

And, once your credit scores are normalized, we can get you funded fast for those dreams and financial goals through our FastUnsecured.com process.




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