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You already know how hard life can be if you have low credit, not enough credit, or you haven’t yet established credit – Simply speaking, without a good credit score, life is expensive.

Do you know that there is a fast, legal and permanent solution to powering up your credit scores so you can enjoy life on your own terms?

This is a best kept secret in the Credit Industry, and, if you invest the next few minutes of your valuable time to find out why, what and how – you may be making the best investment in your financing ever!

We’re TopTradelines.com. We’ve been helping people increase their credit scores through Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines – a perfectly legitimate and effective method – since 2009.  Thousands of people have been given our boost to enjoy affordable credit, low fees and expanded financing opportunities due to our diligence.

If you have no credit history, or if your credit history is short, if you only have a few low limit accounts, even if you’ve never had credit before, or if you want to acquire the larger, more generous credit cards that help make your dreams come true – then YOU need this!

Perhaps you are just starting your career, just immigrated to this country, or have never applied for credit cards before.  Perhaps you just graduated from college, or just arrived in this country with your ambition and dreams in hand.  Maybe you had credit troubles in the past, and your current credit history contains low limit cards and not much available credit.

Lenders only consider what they see in your report.  If you have no credit, they are reluctant to give you any.  If you have low limits, perhaps a card with a $1,000 top, you will find it very difficult to get a bigger one.

So, the irony is that you will have a very hard time gaining good credit accounts without having good credit accounts.  It is not impossible – pay your bills, add a card when you can and eventually, after years and years, you will be credit worthy. Here is the catch.  During the entire time you are building credit, during the entire time you are not enjoying high credit ratings, you will be paying more for interest on your cards, loans, insurance, and so much more.  Low credit scores cost you money out of your pocket.

What would you do if we could prove to you that investing in Seasoned Authorized Tradelines would lower the costs of everything in your life from the date you have those tradelines posted, that you will be able to acquire larger credit limits, lower interest rates, lower costs for services – that investing in your credit future is one of the best returns on investment you can make today?

The experts at TopTradelines have helped thousands of people solve this problem.  And we follow industry practices that not only are legitimate, they are necessary to maintain the reliability and fairness of the credit reporting system.  After all, if you are trusted enough to become an authorized user on a Tradeline, then that trust should be reflected in your credit scores.

Is this legal?

On March 3, 2010, the Federal Reserve board published a report on what they called “piggybacking” – permitting Authorized Users to be added onto a revolving credit card. It explains that a user permitted to be added to an account – even for a short period of time – “may improve an individual’s credit score, potentially increasing access to credit or reducing borrowing costs”

This report explains the process and validates the methodology, but it goes on to conclude that associating creditors on credit accounts actually increases the likelihood that an associate is credit worthy; “these same results suggest that the predictiveness of the credit scoring model without authorized user tradelines is somewhat diminished from that of the model that incorporates authorized user account information. This suggests that authorized user accounts provide useful information and there may be some downside to excluding this information from credit scoring models.”

What is a Tradeline?

A Tradeline is simply a credit account that has been in existence for a time, and has a credit limit, some charges that are being paid regularly and promptly, and is associated with a debtor.  The history and limits of a Tradeline are part of the calculations that the credit bureaus formulate in coming up with a credit score.

A Seasoned Tradeline is one with a long history of prompt payments, a low ratio of credit used, a high limit and has been open for a long time.

And, Associated Seasoned Tradelines are those that you can become attached to, transferring the credit reporting data from the Seasoned Tradelines to your own credit report.

If you add tradelines with a longer history than your own, these increase your credit history accordingly, which will help you realize your dreams and goals – without waiting years for your own accounts to season.

How can you enjoy these benefits? 

Simple. Go to TopTradelines.com and search the large inventory on our home page.  Click to reserve the tradelines or Tradeline packages you want.

Sign up for Credit monitoring so we can track when your reports are updated. Credit Monitoring also helps us to assure the correct information is posted promptly, and associations like the account holder’s address, which needs to be added to your account, is indeed there.

That’s it, we do the rest.

Once you have your new scores, your earlier scores no longer are relevant or even matter.  And since the reason for improving your credit scores is to get affordable funding – we take you to the next step – we get you approved for unsecured credit cards through our sister companies – FastUnsecured.com for personal funding – or CorporateCashCredit.com for business funding.







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