Sales Representatives

Top $$$ For Top Closers. $200K+. Work From Home.

This is a Full-Time Work-from-Home Position where you can make $200K+ realistically in your first year. You will sell Credit Repair, Inquiry Removal, Seasoned Tradelines, Credit-Ready Aged Corporations, Corporate Credit Building, and Unsecured Funding to Consumers and Businesses.

This position offers a $500/Week Base plus Commissions earned structure. You work from home, but you work HARD. Expect to put in 12+ Hour Days, specially in the beginning. Young or old, if you have what it takes and are willing to work HARD, you will love to work here and will make a lot of money.

We are looking for Top Guns with at least some basic knowledge in Credit and Financing. Ideal candidates will typically come from banking, credit repair, mortgage brokering, or other financial services. Below is the Sales Path you will follow with every Lead:


  1. Dialing for Dollars using CRM System. Leads are WARM, Real-Time Leads from our Marketing.
  2. Obtain Credit Monitoring Login for Credit Analysis.
  3. Perform Quick, Over-The-Phone Credit Analysis and recommend Solutions from our Products/Services.
  4. Qualify Fast: Can Prospect do the Deal NOW or not? Don’t Waste Time on Tire Kickers.
  5. If Prospect can do the Deal Now, try to close it on the spot or schedule Call-Back Time for when Prospect will be ready to close in the very near future. If cannot do the Deal now, schedule Call-Back Time for when Prospect will eventually have the funds to do the Deal.
  6. Rinse and Repeat!

Initially, you will be provided with Old Leads that are 7 to 30 Days old. You will call these Leads and make at least one sale. You will then be officially “Activated” as an Active Sales Rep and will start receiving Real-Time Credit Repair Leads, Calls, and Live Chats from our Marketing Efforts. Once you close $10,000 in Sales from these Credit Repair Leads, you will then be upgraded in Experience Level and will start receiving Inquiry Removal Leads and Seasoned Tradeline Leads. Once you close the next $25,000 in Sales, you will be upgraded in Experience Level again and start receiving the rest of the Lead Types which are the Higher-Ticket Products/Services such as Credit-Ready Aged Corporations, Corporate Credit Building, Unsecured Funding, and Broker Packages.

This position is for serious sales pros who work extremely hard.  If you are looking for money on a silver platter, this is NOT for you. If you are looking for an easy work-at-home position, this is NOT for you. If you are planning on doing this while working other jobs or running other businesses, this is NOT for you. If you are unreliable, this is NOT for you. You will need to make 150+ calls per day. Your Phone Talk Time and Inbound/Outbound Calls will be monitored and if you do not book a minimum of 4 Hours of Total Talk Time per Day, you will be summarily terminated. You will NOT be able to cheat the System. We will always know how hard you are working, and any sign of laziness or lack of professionalism/work ethic will result in immediate termination. Bottom Line: Unless you are willing to WORK HARD and be VERY RELIABLE, don’t bother applying – You will only waste your time.

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